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P&B Times is much more than a newsletter, it's an 'inside scoop' for York employees on the University's pension plan and benefits provider. Check in often for new updates - we provide highlights for each issue for your convenience!

Looking for a topic that hasn't been covered? Send a note to askpb@yorku.ca and we'll ensure it's covered in our next issue!




  • January (PDF) -  Pension plan rate of return, 2016 pension statements, active and retiree T4 information, retirement planner, delisted providers. taxable employer benefits
  • March (PDF)-  Delisted providers, fraud awareness, claim submission, benefits questions, pension plan rate of return, 2016 pension plan statements, upcoming seminars, customer service standards
  • June (PDF) - pension plan rate of return, 2016 pension statements, Sun Life claim submission, seminar information, customer service standards
  • July (PDF) - pension plan rate of return, transferring funds into York University Pension Plan, Sun Life mobile app, updating dependents and beneficiaries, customer service standards
  • August (PDF) - pension plan rate of return, upcoming seminars, Group Life Insurance, osteopathic providers, benefit claim information, updating dependents and beneficiaries,  customer service standards




  • January (PDF) -  Request for feedback on the York University Retirement Planner, checking your pay advice, pension plan rate of return, upcoming seminar, contact list
  • February (PDF) -  Upcoming seminars, pension plan rate of return, new HR website announcement, yu link updates, delisted providers, contact list
  • March (PDF) -  Upcoming seminars, pension plan rate of return, benefit booklet locations, contact list
  • May (PDF) -   Upcoming seminars, pension plan rate of return, benefit claim status, annual pension statements, family law valuation requests, contact list
  • June (PDF) - Upcoming seminars, pension plan rate of return, service standards, summer hours, postal disruption
  • July (PDF) - Pension plan rate of return, beneficiary information, Sun Life claim process, Tuition Fee Waiver program, dependants between 21-25, service standards, postal disruption
  • August (PDF) - CUPE 3903 benefits, pension plan rate of return, travel assistance update, tuition fee waiver, service standards, contact list
  • October (PDF) - Pension plan rate of return,  family law valuation requests, Sun Life complaint process, delisted services, new tracking system, new travel assistance provider
  • November (PDF) - Pension plan rate of return, 2017 additional voluntary contributions, sun life mobile app, delisted service providers


  • November (PDF) - Sun Life's Interactive Voice Response, diabetes awareness month quiz, Sun Life's Wellness centre, Pension & Benefits office standard response times, pension plan rate of return
  • October (PDF) - de-listed providers, mobile claim submission, new website for retirement services,  upcoming seminars, pension plan rate of return
  • September (PDF) - upcoming seminars, drug plan direct enhancements, ways to protect your benefits coverage, beneficiary updates, pension plan rate of return
  • August (PDF) - non-therapeutic massages, changes to pension contribution rates, upcoming seminars
  • July (PDF) - mobile claim submission, electronic claim submission, living outside Canada as a York retiree, pension plan rate of return, upcoming seminars
  • June (PDF) - where to find de-listed providers, pension plan changes, seminars
  • May (PDF) - COB, submitting claims through P&B office, CUPE 3903, short term leaves
  • April (PDF) - benefit claims submission, service standards, dependent children over 21
  • March (PDF) - benefit costs, updating beneficiary information, pension statements
  • March (PDF) - special announcement from Sun Life with more delisted providers
  • February (PDF)- submitting claims, pension plan rate of return, who you gonna call, seminars
  • January (PDF) - false healthcare claims, benefit adjudication, 2014 pension plan statements, seminars


  • December (PDF) - Group life insurance, pension plan changes, retirement planning
  • December (PDF)- special announcement regarding Sun Life benefits
  • November (PDF) - Coordination of Benefits, Pension plan changes, seminars, benefits of going on-line
  • October (PDF) - Online Dental Pre-determinations, Reimbursements, Changes to Pension Plan
  • September (PDF) - Pension Contribution Rate Changes, Pension Plan Transfers
  • July (PDF) - Using drug benefits, changes to Sunlife website, annual pension adjustment
  • June (PDF) - comparative study on York Fund, benefits for children
  • February (PDF) - Pension contribution rate changes, 2014 maximums & limits, pension estimates


  • December (PDF)- 2014 maximums & limits, final average earnings
  • November (PDF)- additional voluntary contributions, year-end checklist, deferring OAS
  • September (PDF) - role of pension plan administrator, tuition fee waiver, My Sunlife Mobile
  • May (PDF) - employer cost of benefit coverage, regular updates checklist for employees
  • March (PDF) - Pension reform measures, 2012 annual pension statements, mandatory pensions
  • January (PDF) - 2013 maximums & limits, additional voluntary contributions

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