Retirement Planner FAQs

What is YURP?

York University Retirement Planner (YURP) is a web-based retirement planning tool which can be used by all active and deferred York University Pension Plan members. Members can estimate future pension values for ages 55 to December 1 in the year they turn 71.

Who can access YURP?

New employees who become Plan members on or after the first of the current calendar year will obtain access to YURP following receipt of their first Annual Pension Statement in May/June of the year following their employment. This allows for their first year's pension information to be loaded into the system.

How do I sign on to YURP?

Instructions for signing on to YURP are available on the Pension and Benefits website.

Are the pension values obtained from YURP accurate enough to base a decision to retire on?

YURP is a pension estimator that is intended to be a useful pension planning tool. It should not be relied on solely when making a decision to retire.

Can I use YURP if I have Additional Voluntary Contributions or Locked-in Transfers?

Yes. The rate of interest you select as part of the assumptions used in the calculations will be applied to all accounts (Money Purchase Account, Additional Voluntary Contribution Account and Locked-in Transfer Account).

Who should I contact if I have questions concerning my pension options at retirement?

Please contact the Pension & Benefits office at 416-736-2100 extension 27572 or email